We believe the way vans are used is changing.

Gone are the days of having an outright campervan or a work van just for the nine-to-five. Van life needs to be flexible, versatile and adaptable. At Overland Life we are redefining how you think about converting your van: No more fixed units, no more unsuitable materials, no more generic layouts, no more creating unnecessary holes in your pride and joy.

Overland Life Kitchen Unit Camper Van
Meet the Team

Josh and Owen

Overland life sprinter crafter bed system
"The Overland Life way"

At Overland Life we belive there should be no short cuts, everything should be done properly and for a reason.

At every single stage from the initial concept, through the design and build all the way to the installation we ask ourselves;

'Is this the Overland way?'

If the answer is in doubt, we re-address what we are doing and what we are trying to achieve.
Overland Life Endorsed Products
Overland Life Endorsed Products

All other products that are avaliable on our site have been actively tested and researched by us, in the real world. We believe these items fit the mould of what should be expected for outdoor products.

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